The Complete Guide to Imola Wood & Porcelain Tiles

If you’re looking for elegant, large-scale tiles with a striking visual appeal, Imola is the perfect choice. These stunning tiles have been made in Imola, Italy, for over a century, giving any space a unique authenticity. As specialists suppliers of Imola tiles here in East Sussex, we’ll show you the different ranges of Imola tiles on offer and help you choose the right style for your home.

Why Choose Imola Tiles?

There are thousands of options on the market when it comes to tiles, but Imola is a true benchmark of quality and functionality. They’ve been in business for over 149 and have perfected the process of designing and creating modern tiles.

Made to last, Imola tiles are durable, incredibly high quality, and totally unique. We love the range of colours and finishes, which is why we are proud to be a local supplier of this Italian brand here in East Sussex.

Imola Tiles: The Room

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Imola’s collection “The Room” showcases a range of large-scale porcelain tiles with a marble effect. The scale of the tile gives a modern, high-end finish, perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and living spaces.

We love the range of colours on offer – whether you’re looking for white, clean lines or warm, neutral undertones, there is something for you in the Imola The Room collection.

The Room tiles come in a 6.5mm thickness, making them ultra-strong and functional, as well as a range of sizes to suit most spaces.

As a chosen partner of Imla, we stock the full Imola The Room range here at Everett Tiles. Our team will be happy to help you choose the perfect porcelain tiles for your project and walk you through the different colour and size choices on offer

Imola Wood Tiles

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Wood flooring has a richness and warmth that makes it incredibly popular. But real wood floors scratch quickly and require regular upkeep.

If you love the look of real wood floors but want something much more durable, the Imola wood tile range is for you.

With five stunning ranges to choose from, there is a style to suit every home. We particularly love the Koala range, which mimics the look and feel of Eucalyptus wood.

But whether you’re looking for the warmth of dark wood or the beauty of a lighter tone, you won’t be disappointed by the Imola wood range.

As specialists in Imola tiles, we have the full range of wood tiles in stock and will be happy to walk you through the different options available.

Your Local Specialists in Imola Tiles

Installing new tiles in your home is an investment that requires careful consideration. We’ve been a chosen partner for Imola tiles here in East Sussex for years, and our team have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the very best tiles for your home.

Whether you’re looking for modern porcelain tiles or stunning wood effect tiles, we cannot recommend the Imola range highly enough. Call us today to arrange a free consultation, and we’ll walk you through the range: 01323 894 280

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