How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Home

When it comes to choosing tiles for your home – whether it’s wall and floor tiles for your bathroom, wall tiles for your kitchen, or floor tiles for your hallway – it can be difficult to know where to begin. It’s a big, costly decision to make, so you want to ensure you make the best choice and choose tiles that will last for many years to come, while still looking fantastic and giving you the aesthetics, you desire.

How to Choose the Perfect Tiles for Your Home

Planning and Research Are Key

If you choose tiles that you think you like and then once they’ve been installed you find you don’t like the colour, pattern or texture, or they end up being poor quality and don’t wear well, it can mean you’re living with a costly mistake. That’s why it’s so important to carry out some careful planning and research before making a decision.

Different tiles are suitable for different purposes – some tiles are for use on walls only, some only on floors and then there are some that can be used on both. It’s important to choose tiles that are suited for the purpose you have in mind. If you’re unsure if the tiles you like are suited to your project, the team in our showroom will be on hand to help. We can even provide you with samples of the tiles you’re considering so that you can take them home and see how they look inside your space. It’s important to see how the light in your home will make the tiles look different than they do when you view them in our showroom.

Choose Your Design Style

The next thing to think about is what kind of design aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Do you want something neutral and calming? In that case you’d be best to go for tiles in muted tones with either very little pattern or no pattern at all. If this is the case, introducing a tile that has texture can add some interest to the space without being too in your face and still achieving the neutral look you’re planning. If you’d like something that brings some wow factor to your space, choosing patterned tiles, or feature tiles can be a great option. You also need to consider whether you’d like matt effect tiles, or shiny ones and which brand of tiles you’d like to select. There’s so much to choose from!

If you need help when selecting the perfect tiles for your home, our experienced and friendly tile expert team will be delighted to help you. We can help you decide which tiles will achieve the look you desire for your home and can advise on the best brands for your needs. You can also rest assured that at Everett Tiles, we only stock tiles from the most trusted and respected tile brands and manufacturers. The tiles we supply are chosen for their durability, longevity, looks and the finish they’ll provide in your home.

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