6 Reasons Why You Should Become an Imola Stockist

If you’re looking for a new range of tiles to add to your store, Imola tiles are a must-have. As an Imola stockist in the UK, you’ll have access to a huge range of beautiful tiles. And the classic styles, modern materials, and eco-friendly manufacturing process make these tiles a popular choice for customers.

If you’re unsure whether becoming an Imola tile supplier is the right fit for your store inEast Sussex, here are six reasons why they are the perfect choice.

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1. Huge Range of Styles

Buyers are looking for a range of options when it comes to tiles. They want to find something that not only matches their décor but also shows off their style and personality.

With a wide range of colours and materials, Imola has a style to suit any customer. From elegant marbles to modern concrete and wood-effect tiles, your customers will be seriously impressed by this range.

2. Timeless Designs

Tile designs tend to go through trends. What is in style one season may be completely out the next. However, timeless designs never go out of style. And since Imola tiles offer classic patterns as well as timeless colours, these tiles will always be popular with customers no matter what the current fads.

3. Superb Craftsmanship

Imola tiles are expertly crafted in Italy. The company Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola was founded 146 years ago and became a benchmark of quality for the ceramics industry. Using the best manufacturing methods, all Imola tiles are superb quality that customers can’t help but fall in love with. 

4. Durability

When a customer has tiles installed, they want them to last for years. There is nothing worse than finding cracks or chips on a tiled floor, especially one that’s only been installed for several months or years. As an Imola Stockist in East Sussex, you can offer the most durable tiles that can stand up to the usual wear and tear of family life.

Imola are high-quality tiles that not only look fantastic but are also built to last with the best quality materials. Whether that be marble, ceramic, stone, or concrete, these tiles are durable and will stand the test of time.

5. Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Process

More and more customers looking for eco-friendly options for their renovations and ‘green’ materials are growing in popularity. Imola tiles are made with an eco-friendly manufacturing process that minimises the impact on the planet.

Using natural materials and minimising water use, these are an eco-friendly tile that you can be proud to offer customers looking for a planet-friendly option.

6. Fantastic Prices

For Italian tiles made of some of the highest quality raw materials, we offer fantastic wholesale prices to our Imola stockist UK partners. And since these are a popular choice with customers, they won’t stay on your shelves for long.

Interested in Becoming a UK Imola Stockist?

If you’re interested in becoming an Imola tile supplier in East Sussex, please contact us today. One of our team members will be happy to talk you through our wholesale options.

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